Corporate Mission

Ever since its establishment in 1999, Kam Tin Food Limited has built     up a bright image for its products under the registered trademark of  "Golden Bee".
Characterised by different Southeast Asian tastes, the various products are made with high quality honey on the basis of very careful research. Therefore we have obtained for these products hygiene certificates issued by the sanitary authorities at the places of origin and certificates for passing food tests in Hong Kong.Upholding the concept of "PURE HONEY OK" , we bring to consumers truely pure honey products to develop a brand new and healthy beverage market. They are a guarantee to customers' confidence. Our target business partners in Hong Kong and other places include various chain stores, catering groups, Chinese and western restaurants, entertainment venues and service organisations, etc. Agents are available in China, UK and Canada.
All the products including Honey Lime, Lime Honey, Honey Lime with Pineapple, Lime Honey with Pineapple, Chysanthemum Ginger Honey, Concentrated Chrysanthemum Honey Beverage, Honey Citron Tea, Green Tea Chrysanthemum Howny, Concentrated Honey Roselle, Premium Luohanguo Tea, etc. are imported from Southeast Asian countries
All our products have a laser sticker bearing the registered trademark to prevent faking.

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